four 3oz hexagon jars-by Savannah Bee Company

Artisanal Honey Sampler

Artisanal Honey Sampler
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Tasting varietal honeys teaches you not only the uniqueness of each honey but also which honey type you love the most! This sampler includes four distinctive honeys in 3oz. jars--Certified Organic Acacia, Tupelo, smooth Winter White, and a miniture Raw Honeycomb floating in Tupelo. Each is pure and delicious. The nectar of the specific flowers determines the color, sugar profile, and taste of the honey varietal. Organic Acacia is made from organic honey is produced in the Southern Italian Alps. It has a clean, light vanilla taste and is delicate on the palate. Tupelo's flavors arrive as a series of distinct impressions, a parade of melon, creme brulée, butter, dried pear, and a hint of wet stones. Underneath it all is an unmistakable herbaceous note, the barest hint of Southern Moss. Winter White comes from the delicate wildflowers near the North Pole. This exquisite honey has a creamy color and a smooth texture that feels like snow melting on your tongue. Its' pure, clean taste, with just a hint of fruit, is the ideal compliment to hot cocoa or warm scones. Raw Honeycomb is filled with honey equalling the life's work of two bees. Each golden cell brims with the concentrated nectar of thousands of rare and remote Georgia flowers.

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